Grade 6 – 7 Course

What is included?

7 x Video Lessons
7 x Lesson Plans
7 x Activity Sheets

Course Description

The focus of this course is on the development of personal leadership skills. By exploring their unique qualities, learners build confidence and learn to trust in their abilities. Lessons provide an opportunity for learners to interact and build connections. The emphasis is on social and emotional development while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

In order to keep screen time to a minimum, our 10 minute video lessons have carefully been created to present short, powerful and inspiring messages. The rest of the lesson consists of reflective and creative activity tasks. Each lesson is approximately 1 hour long.

Lessons are flexible and can easily be adapted to your specific time table. Lessons can be presented over a week as part of a focused leadership programme or linked directly to your Life Skills Curriculum and presented weekly, throughout the term. You get to decide!


Clear definitions of key subject matter


The relevance of learning the skill


Equipping the learner with the skills



Lesson 1: Everyday Leaders

Learners gain a clear understanding of the importance of real, everyday leaders.  They will consider the qualities of authentic leaders and identify personal role models.

Lesson 2: The Leader Within

With the focus on Personal Leadership, learners develop a better understanding of themselves and how to take responsibility for their thoughts, choices and actions. They identify their own personal strengths and challenges.

Lesson 3: Growing Greatness

By exploring new evidence in science, learners are shown how to grow and develop new skills. They will identify a personal challenge and follow simple steps to transform this.

Lesson 4: Emotional Awareness

Learners develop an understanding of the importance of emotional awareness and self-regulation. They will explore simple steps to help them identify appropriate ways to express and manage their own emotions.

Lesson 5: The Power of Words

Learners recognise the importance of communication in leadership. They will develop their ability to connect with their peers and communicate effectively with others.

Lesson 6: Mindful Me

Learners discover the benefits of mindfulness and how they can use it as a tool to maintain their emotional and mental wellbeing.  They will identify simple ways to practice mindfulness.

Lesson 7: The Courage to Lead

Learners identify the importance of overcoming life’s challenges and what it truly means to lead with courage. They will explore and share their stories of personal courage.