It’s simple, we teach skills for life.

Our unique leadership courses are specifically designed to include all individuals, allowing everyone the opportunity to develop their personal leadership skills.

Why Life House Learning?

We believe that Personal Leadership is a life skill for all. It can be taught and it can be learnt. All our courses are developed by an experienced educator.  

Since 2010, our team has successfully led over 300 multi-day programmes and worked with more than 12 500 learners, from diverse backgrounds.

What do we offer?

Our multimedia courses are designed to be inspiring and creative.

Lessons provide practical opportunities for learners to interact and build connections, while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

What is Included?

We offer a blended learning experience. Each course consists of:

7 Video Lessons
7 Lesson Plans
7 Activity Sheets

You simply log-in, stream the video lessons and download your Lesson Plan and Activity Sheet. It’s as simple as that!

Watch Explainer Video

We believe that leadership is for everyone.

Our vision is to provide a platform of education which inspires all learners to step forward as self-disciplined, resilient and courageous individuals. At the core of this vision is a passion for personal growth and development.

Lessons are flexible

and easily adapted to your specific time table


Suited to classroom learning

as well as small group or individual study

Short video lessons

that are powerful and inspiring

Simple and easy to follow

Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets included



What our clients say

“ The kids have really enjoyed it, so thank you for creating this user-friendly and inspiring course. The videos were the perfect length of time, and we were able to pause and discuss different points easily. They absolutely loved the chapter “The Leader Within” and the mindful me spiral activity.”

HOD: 9 – 12 Year Phase
Generation Schools

“ The courses are attuned to the spirit of the time and offer a safe and guided roadmap for young people in their most vulnerable years.”

Grade 6 Educator
St. Cyprian’s School

“ This journey is a must for all teenagers as they navigate and develop leadership of the Self. Pupils gain the skills to face life and its challenges as a young adult.”

Deputy Head
Fish Hoek High School

“ This course offers an amazing opportunity for learners to explore their personal strengths and challenges, while gaining the skills to lead themselves with courage.”

Grade 7 Educator
Reddam House